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When it comes to communication in the corporate world, emails remain the most professional way to connect. Therefore, having a reliable, secure, and feature-packed email app is essential to boost your productivity. While you may be familiar with the classic Windows email apps, it might be time for an upgrade. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best email clients for Windows 11 that cater to both work and personal use.

But Doesn’t Windows 11 have a built-in email app?

Windows 11 comes with a built-in email client known as Mail, which is quite similar to the one in Windows 10. However, the default email client has some limitations in terms of personalization and advanced features.

If you’re looking for something more, let’s take a look at the best email clients that we will be covering in this article (which just so happens to include Windows Mail, since it’s pretty great):

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • eM Client
  • Windows Mail
  • The Bat!
  • Thunderbird

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Microsoft Outlook – Best Overall Mail Client

Microsoft Outlook has been a trusted and performance-enhanced email platform professionals used worldwide for over two decades. Designed for powerhouse corporate users, Outlook efficiently manages multiple inboxes, calendars, contacts, and more. In addition, as part of Microsoft 365, Outlook offers exceptional productivity add-ons.

With an easy-to-use interface that can be customised to your preferences, Microsoft Outlook is the go-to platform for enterprise users. It allows you to configure email categories, set up inbox rules, send emails from shared inboxes, automatically ignore incoming emails, and specify access permissions with IRM support. In addition, quick Steps enable automated actions for repetitive tasks, simplifying communication and boosting overall productivity.

Even if you’re not on the Microsoft Windows operating system, you’ll get a great email client with Outlook.

To access Microsoft Outlook, you can subscribe to a dedicated Microsoft 365 plan. In addition, Microsoft offers various plans, including personal, family, business, and enterprise options, to suit individual needs.

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eM Client – Best for Customization

If you enjoy apps with extensive customisation options, eM Client is the perfect choice. With a modern user interface that is highly customisable and user-friendly, eM Client doubles as a task tracker while keeping you on top of your essential work communications.

eM Client seamlessly integrates with popular email services such as Google, Outlook, and Office 365. Your emails are encrypted for secure transmission, and you can easily set up dedicated PGP encryption for added protection. In addition, the built-in translation tool eliminates language barriers, and features like Snooze, Undo Send, and automatic waiting for replies enhance your email experience.

eM Client excels in calendar and task management, allowing you to quickly list upcoming tasks and synchronise them across devices. Integration with tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet makes managing online meetings effortlessly. Furthermore, eM Client provides more options for using contacts and offers a comprehensive overview of your communication history.

While eM Client is free for personal users, the Pro version is available for both business and personal use, offering additional features and removing limitations on email accounts.

Windows Mail – Best for Casual Use

Introduced with Windows 10, Windows Mail is a lightweight yet practical email client suitable for casual users. The Mail app on Windows 11 retains its predecessor’s simplicity and ease of use.

Windows Mail manages your emails in a straightforward manner, supporting popular email accounts such as Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and Office 365, as well as Microsoft Exchange and POP/IMAP accounts. In addition, it automatically separates important emails into a Focused inbox for better organisation.

To access contacts and calendars, you can launch the People app and the Calendar app separately, as they are not directly accessible within the Mail app. Despite lacking some features found in other email clients, Windows Mail remains a formidable lightweight option that simplifies email management. It comes pre-installed on all Windows 11 systems and is free to use.

The Bat! – Best Security

Focused on secure communication through end-to-end encryption, The Bat! offers advanced security features along with productivity-boosting functionalities. It securely manages multiple email accounts and supports IMAP, POP3, MAPI, and Microsoft Exchange protocols. In addition, the user interface is customisable, allowing for personalised text fields.

The Bat! stands out with powerful filters that streamline email organisation and retrieval. In addition, the unique MailTicker feature adds a horizontal banner displaying the latest unread messages, along with predefined quick actions for each email.

To use The Bat!, you can choose between the Home or Professional editions, available for a one-time fee. If you prefer to try it out first, a free trial option is also available, allowing for a hands-on experience before making a purchase.

Thunderbird ­– Best Open-Source Option

If you value open-source software and community-driven development, Thunderbird is an excellent choice for your email client on Windows 11. Developed by the Mozilla Foundation, Thunderbird offers a range of features and customisation options while prioritising user privacy and security. Thunderbird supports multiple email accounts and protocols, including POP and IMAP, making it versatile for both personal and professional use.

Its intuitive interface allows you to organise your inbox, create folders, and apply filters to automate email management. You can also customise the layout, themes, and add-ons to personalise your email client experience. With Thunderbird’s built-in spam filters and phishing protection, you can keep your inbox clean and secure. It also supports encryption and digital signatures, ensuring the privacy and authenticity of your email communications. Thunderbird’s integrated calendar and task management features further enhance its functionality as an all-in-one productivity tool.

As an open-source software, Thunderbird is free to use and regularly updated by a dedicated community of developers, ensuring a reliable and feature-rich email client experience.


Choosing the best email client for Windows 11 depends on your specific needs and preferences. Microsoft Outlook excels as a comprehensive and feature-packed solution for enterprise users, while eM Client offers extensive customisation options and seamless integration with popular email services. Windows Mail provides a simple and lightweight option for casual users, and The Bat! prioritises security with its advanced encryption features.

Additionally, Thunderbird stands out as the best open-source option, combining versatility, privacy, and customisation. Each of these email clients offers a unique set of features and capabilities, catering to different users’ requirements.

Consider your workflow, security preferences, and the level of customisation you desire when making your decision. Whether you prioritise enterprise support, customisation, simplicity, security, or open-source values, there is an email client that will meet your needs on Windows 11. Choosing the right email client can enhance your productivity, streamline your email management, and communicate effectively in the corporate world.

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